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When mankind realized the nutritional advantages of cow, goat, and sheep milk thousands of years ago, we were already consuming it. People drink milk, eat bread with butter oil, and drink tea with thick cream. We will do it for you.

Milky Pap is expanding to nutrition.

Milky Pap is a single product that comprises all of the components for the classic  meal Pap.Simply add hot water and you have a ready-to-eat meal that canbe eaten(Hankcok item) at any time of day.

Milk is a fantastic product

We enjoy working at Dairy since milk is such a lovely commodity. Milk is a natural source of nutrition. As nutritionists, we apply our knowledge in a variety of settings, including product and brand development 

Win with Nutrition

JEET DAIRY FARM has been producing medical nutrition additives for decades. We’ve had a dedicated team focused solely on the Medical Nutrition market since the unit’s inception. We know that milk’s contents, particularly protein, are critical for patients

Innovations in Dairy for a Longer Future

JEET DAIRY FARM moto: Show Me, Don’t Tell Me. Dairy Innovations for a Sustainable Future,” a new webinar from the National Dairy Council, features dairy farmers and innovators of all sizes and geographies discussing how they are constantly adopting new techniques.

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