About Us

JEET Dairy is 100% Pure Milk, Pasteurised & Homogeneous milk which is Antibiotic-free and Hormone-free. JEET Dairy is packets and delivered to at your doorstep .JEET Dairy is entirely natural, unadulterated and untouched by hand. The milk directly flows from the cows to the processing unit and packaged for delivery, so that the milk cannot not been altered in any way. We do not add anything to it nor do we take anything out of it.

The milk comes from a select breed of cows, who are housed in comfortable sheds with round the clock veterinary care. The cows are fed with green grass fodder and other required nutrition. As we cultivate green grass in-house, it is free from any chemicals. The cows also have free access to clean drinking water. Our nutritionists ensure that the cows are fed the best possible fodder mix with the right balance of essential nutrients. We never use hormones or other substances to artificially increase milk production.

First and largest daily micro-delivery service. Built on the unique habit of getting fresh milk delivered at home every morning, JEET DAIRY (accessible on net) is today fulfilling the entire grocery needs of a household everyday before Morning . To enable frequent and friction- less buying, JEET Dairy has innovated flexi ordering and contactless delivery – both a first in the and favorites of JEET Dairy customers.

For All Types Of Dairy Products.